Halted with your extracurricular activities? Get to know about exciting activities that you can do at home!

The coronavirus has disrupted lives everywhere and many educational institutions were forced to shut down and continue their activities online. But everything is not possible to be conducted in online mode, and high schoolers have suffered in the pursuit of extracurricular activities. This is indeed a bad development for the students because they are gearing up for admissions in colleges, and it is well-known that the admissions committee gives weight to the lists of extracurriculars of the student along with the academic scores. These activities are a good way of demonstrating the passions and interests of the student, but it also has a role in keeping the student busy. Doing something that interests you will help pass the time and increase your productivity too. But, everyone is stuck at home and the only way to stay on top of the extracurricular activities is considering the stuff that can be continued from home!

Students need not be disheartened about their application for Undergraduate admission abroad lackingextracurriculars when they finish high school, as they can build up their profile even while staying at home. Pursuing extracurricular activities at home will require a bit of creativity but it certainly can be accomplished. We have compiled a list of 50 ideas in this article of EduQuest for the students to go through and decide which of them is the most suitable.

Self-Driven extracurricular activities: Overcoming the constraints

The definition of a self-driven activity is anything that a student can pursue aside from organized activities. Every organized activity ends up having a self-driven counterpart. If we take races or marathons into consideration, people can train for the local marathons on their own while being stuck at home. Even the ones with longer distances like half-marathons can be considered. Of course, the person has to wait till it is safe to join these kinds of activities.

The Undergraduate admission abroad council will take into account these kinds of activities as it shows admirable qualities in a student. Being involved in a self-driven activity means that the student has shown initiative and independence on their part. While considering self-driven activities, it is important to realize that you can continue your activities to any level as you have complete control over them. No one gets to tell you what to do next.

The list of 50 great extracurricular activities to be done at home!

General extracurricular activities

These activities can pretty general, as they are not focused on a particular interest. Many schools are continuing their extracurricular activities through online platforms, and if your preferred activity falls in that box, you will not have to worry about interruptions due to the pandemic.

  1. Continuation of school clubs virtually
  2. Creation of club materials or even revising it.
  3. Taking up an online course- There are many free courses available on the internet and it is a great take to utilize all the free time.
  4. Learn a new language- the student can consider connecting with someone who speaks a different language and taking classes.
  5. Ideas for a small business
  6. Create ideas for the starting of a new club will also count.
  7. Investing time for academic competitions
  8. Internships and part-time jobs look good on applications as it shows the responsible nature of a student.

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 Extracurricular Activities focused on education

These are extracurricular activities for students who want to be involved in academics and showcase their passion for the same through their activities. Some ideas are-

  1. Tutoring- The student can consider taking virtual classes through online platforms like Zoom or Skype. A lot of people are struggling with academics in the pandemic with all the offline methods being inaccessible, and it is a good idea to lend a helping hand.
  2. YouTube Channel- It is okay if you cannot find a student, you can also create academic content videos on YouTube.
  3. Editing- A student can also choose to edit essays on the Google Docs platform.
  4. Discussion Groups- Starting such a group focused on specific topics is a good idea too.
  5. Sharing materials- Helping peers to do well in classes also count, and you can invest time in making flashcards or review sheets.

Extracurricular activities based on technology

Students who are pursuing AP Computer Science classes will enjoy these ideas.

  1. Students who love coding would like to invest their time in building a new computer program.
  2. Students can focus their attention on learning new skills like a new programming language. There are numerous online platforms for this purpose, such as Codeacademy, Coursera, and so on.
  3. Enrolling in courses will give ideas on how to utilize tools like Adobe Creative Could
  4. Web development enthusiasts can spend time creating a new website!
  5. Teaching is the best way to learn and retain concepts. Teaching your skills to another person might pay off.

Pursuing these activities will look great on the application if you are trying for a tech degree.

Extracurricular activities for students interested in literature

Many students are literary minded and writing gives them a way to blow off steam. Showcasing your passion effectively might help you stand out in your college applications for Undergraduate admission abroad. There are some ways for high-schoolers to continue with their extracurriculars-

  1. Self-publishing- This may seem way out there but it is possible. If you are confident enough you may be able to publish some of your writings.
  2. Blogging- Creating enjoyable content in the form of a regular blog will send a message conveying your dedication.
  3. Submissions- Many magazines accept entries from people of all ages. So, it will be good to get articles, stories or essays published.
  4. YouTube- The creation of videos dedicated to interesting facts of literature can provide a nice outlet for your creativity.
  5. Writing- If you have chances to get published in school newspapers or journals, then take initiative and continue writing for them.
  6. Workshops- Setting up online workshops devoted to writing and reviewing methods is also a great idea.

Extracurricular activities aimed at visual and performing arts

Trying to maintain a level of normalcy, while being in a pandemic situation, is not going to be easy. But here are some ideas to keep the artist in you busy.

  1. New Projects- This is a good time to start a new animation project and keep all your ideas flowing.
  2. Creating new art- Students can explore new ideas in sculpture or art. For example, many students will not have paint at home so they can try other colorful ingredients, like coffee or spices.
  3. Etsy- Selling your art products on Etsy will be an achievement.
  4. Practice- If you are more of a drama student, then practicing your monologues or scripts with someone will be of benefit.
  5. Write more- Work on your craft. Create some new stuff and learn how to develop new content, like plays.
  6. Instruments- The free time can also be used to learn a new instrument.
  7. Connect- To remain isolated will not help your art so be sure to start a feedback group of some sort.

Extracurricular Activities for community service

This pandemic is proving to be a difficult time for everyone, so it is an opportunity to give back to the community. Here are some activities that you can pursue o become a better community member-

  1. Mentoring- Everyone is in a bad place psychologically and mentoring some of your younger peers virtually will be a good utilization of your time.
  2. Fundraisers- Create new ideas for online fundraisers.
  3. Get involved in charity- There must be charitable organizations known to you, make the time for creating marketing materials for them.
  4. Write proposals- Take up the initiative of your choice and start writing proposals that will be useful for the community as a whole.
  5. Volunteer- This is a great way to spend your free time and every small action you take can make a great difference. You can be of use to your underprivileged members of the community.

Extracurricular activities for being involved in Politics

Some students consider a career in politics from an early age and this time can be useful in determining whether you would enjoy being involved in political activities.

  1. Raise money- Help to raise money for a local candidate who you support.
  2. Campaigning- You can consider to phonebank for some campaigns.
  3. Creating materials- If there is a campaign that you support, you can help in creating marketing materials.
  4. Run for office- You can consider running for student office and create a virtual campaign for that.
  5. Policies- People in power should know how to use it, so if you want to get involved in politics someday, start small. Write a petition to chance some troublesome school policy if there is any.

Extracurricular activities for Science enthusiasts

For STEM students, finding a good extracurricular activity can sometimes be time-consuming but we have come up with some ideas to keep you occupied-

  1. Independent research- Conducting interviews, surveys, and experiments.
  2. Save energy- Express your creativity by building something that saves energy at your house, perhaps some solar panels!
  3. Start small- Even doing something small as creating a compost area or planting a new garden counts as extracurriculars.
  4. Volunteer- there are remote volunteering opportunities for local hospitals or nursing homes.
  5. Assist- Help with organizations, for example, you can virtually assist some local clinics.

Extracurricular Activities related to fitness or nutrition

Sports has suffered so much due to the lockdowns but it is still a good idea to continue some activities at home.

  1. Training- Keep in shape and take up training for marathons at home.
  2. Virtual Run/walk- They can be organized for a good charitable cause.
  3. Workout- Keep in contact with sport team members in your school so that online workout can be organized (Cardio or core exercises)
  4. YouTube- Take advantage of this online platform to promote healthy living and share your tips to follow a good lifestyle

Evaluation of Self-Driven extracurricular activities

Your activities should convey your effort and interests and it is best to keep all of your achievements quantifiable forcollege admissions officers to evaluate. For example, if a student starts a blog then track metrics like the number of visitors might be a good indicator of success. The students should try and present their extracurriculars in an organized and intellectual way. Extracurricularsthat show in-depth research will impress the admissions council more.

What are the four tiers of extracurricular activities?

  • Tier 1- The most unique and impressive activities go in this tier. For example, national-level achievement qualifies for Tier 1.
  • Tier 2- Less rare than Tier 1 activities but still very impressive. An example might include holding leadership positions in well-respected institutions.
  • Tier 3- These activities do not have the distinctions of the earlier tiers, but they still provide a good demonstration of student’s participation capabilities.
  • Tier 4- These are the most common of all extracurricular activities. Simply participating or volunteering can count as Tier 1 activities.

Students should try and not get discouraged by the pandemic as there are still ways to boost their profile before admissions processes. It is a trying time for the whole world, and taking care of physical and mental health should remain the priority for students.

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